1123 East Superior Street

February's past & Present Pic

Top photo courtesy of the Duluth Public Library; bottom photograph by Jim Davis.

Architect John J. Wangenstein designed the home shown in the top photo, the 1900 Louis and Celia Loeb House at 1123 East Superior Street. In 1921 the Loebs moved to Lester Park. After the Loebs moved the house became the residence of Duluth’s Roman Catholic bishop until 1941. It served as a boarding house until the 1980s when it became Silver’s Dress Shop. Silver’s closed in 2001 and the house was demolished in 2011 to make room for a Walgreen’s drug store. You can learn more about the Loeb House here.

February's past & Present Pic

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  1. How interesting to be able to go back to yesterdays when I was growing up in Duluth. Warren Silver and I grew up together, went to school and were in Boy Scouts and even the U of Minn in Minneapolis. I remember his mother and dad. My brothers and sisters and I grew up in the Rufus H Draper home…1723 East 2nd St.

    I have the blue prints for the first, second and third floor, but not the basement, which had the bed room for the Draper Chauffeur..

    Wonderful memories and I appreciate the few articles that I have been fortunate to download, such as the Silver’s home.

  2. Thank you so much for your note, Bob. I remember the shop on Jefferson Street very well. Yes, it was for the “well-heeled” Jim, as garments were expensive. Your grandparents knew well the favorites of her clients. My mom was called when a garment arrived that Ida thought my mom would like – or when her special order arrived. There may have been 1 or 2 racks in the foyer with a few garments hanging on them, but we were ushered to a dressing room and the garments were brought to my mother to peruse. Very personalized service. The Silvers ordered our Stanbrook Hall uniforms and we would pick them up there. Oreck’s gold room also provided this personalized service for mom, and I remember buying many items at Orecks and loved to shop there. Orecks then was equivalent to our Nordstrom’s of today. Very sad that Silver’s home on Superior Street could not survive, due to its location. Fortunately the East end residential area has many exquisite homes. The home I grew up in is now the Firelight Inn. The post today talks about the Normal School first fire. When we were growing up on Third and 23rd, we would see students walking up 23rd to college, after getting off the bus on Superior Street. We had a great life growing up in that neighborhood with tennis and skating at Longview, etc.

  3. I suspect that many people today don’t remember Silver’s Dress Shop when it was on Jefferson Street. Of course I never shopped there, but was aware of it through word of mouth. It catered to the well heeled women of Duluth’s East End, and was so exclusive, if memory serves, it didn’t even have a sign on the building. It looked like a comfortable white home directly across Jefferson Street from the National Guard Armory, with a lot of Cadillacs parked out front.

  4. What a terrible loss. It makes me never want to shop at a Walgreen’s again. I’m very glad that the above writer has those lovely memories of this beautiful place, but if it was still standing more people could have had those experiences.
    My husband and I are interested in buying an historic home in Duluth but finding employment and selling our current home is proving difficult. If we do purchase it I see us as being caretakers of something precious, something that will not return and will feel privileged to be part of it’s history.

  5. Hi Jim –

    Thanks for highlighting my grandparents’ house – Ida and Arthur Silver. My grandparents bought the house from the Bishop with the intension of someday moving their dress shop from 13th Ave East and Jefferson to that home. They loved the house so much that they never moved the dress shop into it. The Thompson family who purchased the dress shop from my grandparents eventually moved the store to that location. The only ‘boards’ in the house would have been my sisters and me when we would leave the heat of the Arizona summer and stay with our grandparent.

    That home on Superior Street served as the central gathering place for my grandparent’s wide circle of friends and family (The Orecks!). It was a unique and special home that hosted many memorable parties and events. It was a magical place and I cherish the time I got to spend in that house and in Duluth. It is very hard for me when I get back to Duluth to drive by 12th Ave East and Superior Street.

    Bob Silver
    (Son of Warren and Judy Silver, grandson of Ida and Arthur Silver)

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