Philadelphia Terrace

This Month's Past & Present Pic

This month’s Past and Present Pic takes us to 1412–1420 East Superior Street, where the Philadelphia Terrace townhouse was constructed in 1890. The building, designed by Oliver Traphagen and Francis Fitzpatrick, contained five separate family residences—including one occupied by Fitzpatrick and his family until they left Duluth in 1896. In the 1930s the building became known as the Hamilton Hotel. In 1981 it was subdivided into thirty apartments, and three years later it was demolished to make room for a car delaerhip. The lot the Philadelphia once occupied is now contains a parking lot and a building serving the Duluth Detoxification Center. Catch up on all of Jim Davis’s Past & Present Pic’s here.

This Month's Past & Present Pic

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  1. During my years as a student at UMD (1966-1970), I knew classmates who lived there. Obviously it was being bled dry and in decline. Flynn (later Kolar) Buick occupied the corner building at 14th Ave. E. and Superior Street. The Hamilton Hotel, if it would have been fortunate enough to have survived into the present, could have been rehabbed/restored into desirable housing – a fate Munger Terrace was lucky enough to experience.

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