From the Spalding to the Ordean

This Month's Past & Present Pic

Originally published April, 2015
Top: Duluth Public Library | Bottom: Jim Davis

In this month’s Past & Present Pic, Jim Davis takes us to the “southeast” corner of 5th Avenue West and Superior Street, where from 1889 to 1963 the Spalding Hotel made a grand impression on new arrivals to the Zenith City as they emerged from Union Depot after getting off the train. Today the Ordean Building stands on just a portion of the land the Spalding took up, and 5th Avenue West was widened between the time the Spalding came down and the Ordean was built, explaining why the historic bottom photo appears to be more of a close-up than the modern view at top. Catch up on Jim’s previous Past & Present Pics here.(Special thanks to the management of the Radisson Hotel for allowing Jim access to enable him to get this photo.)

This Month's Past & Present Pic

4 Responses to From the Spalding to the Ordean

  1. Your are the only one that caught that–or at least poked fun at us about it. Fixed!


  2. The future 110 years from now looks strangely like the present. 🙂 Nice comparison by the way.

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