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March 6, 1903: Last man legally hanged in St. Louis County

On this day in Duluth in 1903, Charles Henderson was the last man legally hanged in St. Louis County. He had been found guilty of killing his girlfriend, Ida McCormick, by stabbing her ten times with a knife. Henderson had confessed to the crime, telling the Duluth News Tribune that “I didn’t mean to kill her. My God! I loved her too much for that. I expected to find my rival there. He was the man I wanted. But when I heard my darling talking about him, I couldn’t help it. I suppose they will hang me know, and I don’t care. I have nothing to live for now.” Henderson was hung in a Courtroom No. 1. Read more about the crime and hanging here.

Charles Henderson’s mug shot, which appeared in the Duluth Herald. (Zenith City Press)