Royal Alworth

Royal D. Alworth (Image: Duluth Public Library)

Royal D. Alworth was a prominent and assiduous Duluth businessman. He went into mining and real estate with his father, promoting and operating manufacturing and industrial properties. He continued in that business and became the president of Oneida Realty Co. and operated the Alworth, Medical Arts, WEBC, Center and Northland buildings in Duluth. He went on to become president of British American Timber Co., Ltd., director of Northern Minnesota National Bank, director of McGraw Electric Co. of Chicago, and also was the former director and later vice president of Duluth Terminal and Cold Storage Co.  Alworth was president of the Kitchi Gammi Club, Consolidated Abstract Co. and Alworth Land and Improvement Co., Chairman of Duluth Red Cross and served on the Duluth Chamber of Commerce Board of directors for several years and was board chairman of the newly organized Minnesota Investors Counselors, Inc. At the time of his death his estate was valued over $3 million. The majority of his estate was left to his wife Mollie Young Alworth. Individual bequests were made to five Duluthians who were employees of firms in which Mr. Alworth held interests.  He also bequeathed money to Duluth Community Trust, St. Luke’s Hospital and the Benedictine Sisters Benevolent Association.


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