Herbert B. Detweiler

Herbert B. Detweiler, secretary and general manager of the Ron-Fernandez Cigar Company, of Duluth, one of the celebrated cigar and tobacco firms of the Northwest, is a Canadian by birth, born in Doon, Ontario, September 21, 1881. His parents, also natives of Canada, are Joseph S. and Nancy (Bricker) Detweiler.

Young Mr. Detweiler obtained his primary education in the public schools of Wolverton, Ontario, and substituted this with a course in the business college at Hamilton, where he thoroughly equipped himself for the active business life he has since followed.

Beginning as a stenographer, he worked for some time in Hamilton in one of the law offices of that city, where he remained until he secured a more remunerative position with a brokerage firm in the same city. Later he was transferred to their London and Toronto branches, where he was in active charge. The London branch he afterwards purchased and conducted under his own name for about two years, when he disposed of his interests there, and his next move was to Iron River, Wis., where he was employed as a telegraph operator until 1902; thence to Duluth and became engaged with the Ohio Coal Company, for whom he worked until about 1903, and that year he entered the cigar and tobacco business as secretary and manager of the Ron-Fernandez Cigar Company. This company was originally established in 1894 by two Cuban natives, Ron and Fernandez, and incorporated in 1900 under the present firm name, with Thomas Thompson, president; F. A. Ron, vice president; C. T. Fitzsimmons, treasurer, and Robert Hay, secretary. On January 1, 1904, the officers changed to Mr. Thompson as president, Manuel Fernandez as vice president, Mr. Fitzsimmons as treasurer, and H. B. Detweiler as secretary and manager, and as such the business has since been carried on with a constantly increasing trade. In 1908 the company opened a branch house in Tampa, Fla., where a large business is being done in the Havana brands, while the Duluth house carries principally domestic stock.

Mr. Detweiler was married on June 5, 1904, to Miss Willie Catherine Michael, of North Carolina. Mr. and Mrs. Detweiler are members of the Lutheran faith, and fraternally Mr. Detweiler is a member of the Masonic order. He is a young man of excellent business qualifications, hustling and prosperous, and besides   attending to the affairs of the Ron-Fernandez Cigar Company he is president and treasurer of the Independent Cigar Company and secretary of the Minnesota Cigar Box Company.


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