Herber Lynden Hartley

Herber Lynden Hartley is a prominent Duluth resident and a nationally known cattle breeder. His 1940 obituary documents his contributions to Duluth and the surrounding region:

“Herber Lynden Hartley, 2602 East Seventh Street, prominent Duluth resident and a nationally known cattle breeder died in a Rochester, Minn. Hospital. He was 69 years old. He was past president of the American Aberdeen-Angus Breeder’s Association and was known to cattle breeders in every section of the country. In 1936 he was honored by the Minnesota Livestock Breeders’ Association and received an honorary citation for his work in this field. His picture was hung in the gallery at the Livestock pavilion of the University of Minnesota as a representative Minnesota agricultural leader.  At the turn of the century he was engaged in townsite development of Cass Lake and other communities in the region. In 1902 while engaged in a development project in western Minnesota with G.G. Hartley, his brother persuaded him to undertake the establishment of a Guernsey breeding plant at Island, Minn., 50 miles west of Duluth.”


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