Rufus H. Redman

Rufus H. Redman for thirty years has been actively associated with the wholesale grocery business in Duluth, and is treasurer of Duluth’s premier wholesale grocery house, the Gowan-Lenning-Brown Company.

He was born at Saginaw, Michigan, December 8, 1867, a son of Michael and Jane (Hamilton) Redman. His father was a native of Pennsylvania, spent his active career as a merchant, and died in 1898. The youngest of the family, Rufus H. Redman finished his education in the high school at Saginaw, and his first work was as a reporter on the Saginaw Herald and subsequently on the Saginaw Evening News. While in that work he developed a high degree of skill as a shorthand writer, and when in the spring of 1887 he came to Duluth he was employed for a year as a stenographer by the legal firm of Boggs & McDonald.

Leaving the law office he became a stenographer in the Wells-Stone Mercantile Company, a wholesale and jobbing organization handling both groceries and hardware, one branch of which subsequently became a part of the great Marshall-Wells Company. Mr. Redman remained with this concern for nine years, when the business was sold, and then with other fellow employes he helped establish the Wright-Clarkson Mercantile Company, the chief foundation of the present Gowan-Lenning-Brown Company. The active head of this company was W. S. Brown, who was president of the largest wholesale hardware concern in Iowa, and became president of the Gowan-Lenning-Brown Company upon its organization.

On December 31, 1912, the Wright-Clarkson Mercantile Company and the Gowan-Peyton-Congdon Company were consolidated, at which time Mr.Redman was elected treasurer of the Gowan-Lenning-Brown Company, having previously been a stockholder and official of the Wright-Clarkson Mercantile Company. Mr. Redman has been one of the active officials who have enormously increased the business and prestige of the Gowan- Lenning-Brown Company until its business extends over practically all the great northwest country.

Mr. Redman is a member of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, is a Republican and is a member of the K. K. Club. the Northland Country Club and the Commercial Club. On June 21, 1907, he married Miss Florence Metcalf, of St. Paul.


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