Austin Terryberry

Little is known of Austin Terryberry, his early life or training.  However, he was responsible for a number of significant buildings in Duluth:

Crane Building, 18th Avenue West and Superior Street (1905)
H. R. Armstrong House 1516 Avenue East and South Street (1905)
Townhouses, 1610-12 East Superior Street (1906)
Townhouses, 1514-18 East Superior Street (1909)

Terryberry met with an unfortunate end according to his 1922 obituary:

Pioneer Duluth Architect Dies; Hurt By Auto.  Austin E. Terryberry, age 69, a resident of Duluth for more than 36 years is Duluth’s latest victim of an auto accident.  Mr. Terryberry died yesterday morning at a local hospital from internal injuries received Sunday afternoon when he was struck at Fourth avenue West and Superior street by an automobile driven by D. T. Peterson, 1419 East Third street.  He lived in the Palladio building.  Mr. Terryberry was a pioneer architect.  His is survived by a daughter Helen Louise Terryberry of Santa Barbara, Cal. who is heir to Terryberry’s estate of $19,000 which was filed for probate yesterday.  Friends of Mr. Terryberry also think he is survived by a wife who was divorced from him in Duluth about twenty-five years ago.  The daughter is living with his former wife, according to close acquaintances…Peterson, driver of the car which struck Mr. Terryberry, is not being held by police.  In his report, Peterson said he was driving at a speed of 8 miles per hour when Terryberry ran out from ahead of a street car into the path of his machine.


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