July 23, 1922: Birth of Maggie McGillis, the “Queen of Park Point”

Today marks the 1922 birth of Margaret Mary “Maggie” McGillis—aka the “Queen of Park Point.” Also known as “Muggs,” McGillis lived at 4010 Minnesota Avenue, and a portion of her home was originally built as a pavilion for the White City Amusement Park. According to her obituary, McGillis “graduated from Cathedral High School in Duluth. She retired as a Social Service Specialist of St. Louis County after 20 years of service. Her primary client population was Senior Citizens. Maggie was a life-long member of Our Lady of Mercy Catholic Church and was the first baby baptized in the church. She was on the Board of Directors of the Duluth Boat Club and Franciscan Health Center. Maggie was appointed to the Mayor’s Appointment Advisory Board by Gary Doty, was the project Coordinator of the Social Concerns Committee of Center City Catholic Churches, a life long member of the Park Point Community Club, and was affiliated with the Park Point Art Fair. She was a lifetime member of the North Shore Homesteaders Senior Citizen Club and the Sister City Program. Maggie was the coordinator of the annual CHUM Christmas dinner and party for many years. She also volunteered at Miller Dwan Hospital. Maggie was very proud of her garden, and loved to travel with her Motor Craft Trailer Club. She was known for her quick quips that made everyone laugh and was well known for her resourcefulness.” McGillis died August 12, 2005, of pancreatic cancer.

Maggie McGillis, the “Queen of Park Point.” (Image: Duluth News tribune)