Paper Products Company

This Month's Ghost Sign

Originally Published May 2014
Ghost Sign for the Paper Products Company on the south side of the Canal Block, 34o South Lake Avenue. (Image: Dan Turner,

This month’s Ghost Sign graces the north side of the Canal Block, better known today as the home of Green Mill Pizza at 34o South Lake Avenue. The Canal Block was built in 1889 by the Val Blatz Brewing of Milwaukee. The entire second floor was occupied by the Maine Hotel, and the main floor originally had 5 store fronts; one opened to the hotel entrance, another to a restaurant, and the others to three separate saloons (Blatz apparently hoped  to sell a  lot of beer to hotel guests—or, more likely, residents). Paper Products Company moved in in 1931 and stayed until 1966. The building sat vacant until 1970, when Wipson, Inc., a construction firm, moved in. Wipson left in 1978, after which Hick’s Construction used the building as storage until 1988.

This Month's Ghost Sign

4 Responses to Paper Products Company

  1. Jill is correct. I found a WordPress blog that discussed Canal Park and surroundings areas. The site showed the whole pic and “Tested” is correct 🙂 Nice job. It had me stumped.

    This caught my attention as I had an Uncle in paper in Duluth so I’ve been hunting around to see if he had worked for this particular company.

  2. Craig…after staring at the wall an equally long time (!), that word looks like it might be TESTED. Doesn’t make a lot of sense tho.

  3. Having stared at the image for too long, I still can’t figure out the second to the last word behind the Suites Hotel sign.
    “..STED Papers”(?)

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