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Every Wednesday Zenith City Press publishes a brief “This Week in Duluth” history story written by ZCP publisher Tony Dierckins. The stories come from books we are preparing to publish, books we have already published, stories from the Zenith City Online Archive, and selections from the 1,098 “This Day in Duluth” stories we published between 2012 and 2024. To sign up to receive “This Week in Duluth” stories via email or social media, CLICK HERE.

The ZCO Archive & “This Day in Duluth”

From 2012 to 2024 Zenith City Press operated the Zenith City Online Archive, a free online resource featuring stories pulled from our books and articles written for Zenith City Press by Duluth researchers and public historians. During that time we also published daily “This Day in Duluth” stories, which has evolved into “This Week in Duluth”  (SUBSCRIBE HERE!). If you are looking for a story from the Zenith City Online Archive, please contact us. If the article does not also appear in one of our books, we can provide you with a PDF copy for research purposes.

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