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Historical research

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Using resources from a variety of libraries, public archives, city and county facilities, historical societies and fee-based web resources, Zenith City Press will gather all the information we can on the subject you are interested in pursuing, including homes, buildings, businesses, people, events, or whatever else you wish to discover. While we cannot guarantee we will uncover everything you are seeking, we will exhaust our resources trying. And if you wish, Zenith City’s publisher TONY DIERCKINS will interpret the findings into a written narrative, bullet-point list or timeline, social media content, marketing copy, walking or driving tours, and more.


A. G. Thomson Bed & Breakfast
Bell Bank Duluth
Bent Paddle Brewing
CBS Television Studios
City of Duluth
City of Superior
Duluth Chamber of Commerce
Duluth Experience
Duluth Owl’s Club
Duluth Playhouse

Duluth Trading Post
Enger Lofts Hotel & Marketplace
Friends of the Lakewalk
Happy Sleeper
OMC Smokehouse
Ordean Foundation
Pier B Resort
RE/Max Results
SEK Design Studio
Vista Fleet
…and others

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