Duluth Board of Trade (1895)

A postcard of Duluth’s 1895 Board of Trade building made between 1900 and 1915. (Image: Zenith City Press)

301–307 West First Street | Architects: Traphagen &  Fitzpatrick | b. 1895 | Extant

Remodeled in 1905 by Daniel Burnham

Fire has shaped the history of this great old building. It was built after the original Board of Trade Building burned in 1894, and its cornice was removed after another fire damaged the building in 1948. Built of steel, stone, brick, and marble, the ornate Romanesque structure with a two-story entrance and elaborate stone carvings by O. George Thrana cost $350,000 in 1895. The Board of Trade moved out in the early 1970s with the decline of Duluth’s grain trade. Today the building is used as office space for attorneys and architects and is the longtime home of the Exchange Bakery. In the 1990s the trading floor was renovated and it now serves as rehearsal space for the Minnesota Ballet.

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