Traphagen House aka The Redstone

The Traphagen House, aka “The Redstone,” photographed by Dennis O’Hara in 2009.  (Image: Northern Images)

1511 East Superior Street | Architect: Oliver G. Traphagen | b. 1892 | Extant

Architect Oliver G. Traphagen, Duluth’s premier architect from 1886 to 1896, designed and built this as his family home in 1892. When Trphagen and his family moved to Hawaii in 1896, the house was purchased by Chester and Clara Congdon.  The Congdons and their children resided here until the construction of their estate Glensheen was completed in 1909. In 1919 the Congdons had the house subdivided into multiple housing units, after which it became known as the Redstone Apartments; today people refer to it simply as The Redstone. The house was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1975 and lovingly renovated in the 1980s by advertising executive Howard Klatsky, who used it as the offices of Klatsky & Associates. In August 2014 an arson fire severely damaged the house, and it remained empty until 2016 when it was purchased by Redstone House LLC of Independence, Minn. An extensive interior remodeling project created “12 modern style loft apartments and a commercial space” that went on the market in February, 2019.

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