Bethany Lutheran Children’s Home (1922)

The 1922 Bethany Lutheran Children’s Home. (Image: Ruby Ostrom Thomas)

4000 West 9th Street | Architect: Unknown | Built: 1922 | Lost: 1974

Soon after the first Bethany Children’s Home was reduced to ashes, construction began on new facility on the same site. Children were housed in other buildings until the new home opened in 1923. The brick building stood three-and-a-half stories high with roof dormers and a cupola (shown above). The facility was later converted to a home for troubled teens; in 1965 it suffered major fire damage, but remained in use until it was demolished in 1974. A new building on the site became part of Northwood Children’s Center, which evolved from the “Ladies Relief Society” begun by Sara Stearns in the 1880s. That organization became the Duluth Home Society in 1887, the Children’s Home Society in 1904, and the Northwood Home in 1956.