Gray Terrace

Gray Terrace. (Image: Duluth Public Library)

410–416 West 4th Street | Architect: Austin Terryberry | Built: 1889 | Lost: 1973

Gray Terrace’s four townhouses stood three stories high and each was outfitted with a small front porch and separate entrance, brick walls, and patterned wood shingles on the top floors. Some windows were arched and others featured stone trim or stained glass. It featured modern conveniences such as electric lights and bells, speaking tubes, gas fixtures, and hot and cold water. The Duluth Daily News called the townhouse “one of the finest buildings in the city.”

Charles M. Gray was born in Maine; he moved to Duluth in the early 1880s with his wife Ida and children to work as the secretary of Northwestern Loan and Investment Company. The Gray family lived in a house a block away from the Terrace. They left Duluth in 1896 and moved to Detroit, Michigan. Gray Terrace was eventually divided into apartments and was used as such until it was demolished in 1973 when Mesaba Avenue was widened.