Hoopes House

Townsend W. & Mayme Hoopes House. (Image: Duluth Public Library)

2206 Woodland Avenue | Architect: Traphagen & Fitzpatrick | Built: 1892 | Lost: 1938

Francis Fitzpatrick moved to Duluth in 1890 to join Oliver Traphagen’s architectural firm, and together the two designed some of Duluth’s most impressive buildings, including the Hoopes’ home in Hunter’s Park. A classic example of Shingle-style architecture, shingles covered the house’s roof and walls and even wrapped around porch posts; its steeply sloped roofs featured large dormers. Townsend Hoopes lived in their Hunter’s Park Home until 1935. He married three times and was widowed twice. He wed his first wife Mayme Harvey in 1885, and this home was intended for their family. Mayme, however, died in 1910 after a long illness. Three years later Hoopes married Abbie Goodale Smith in 1913, who died unexpectedly in 1920 while the couple was in San Diego. Some time after Abbie’s death he wed Grace Howard, who outlived Townsend. Townsend passed away in 1937, and the house was demolished in 1938. Grace followed him ten years later. (Townsend’s grandnephew was also named Townsend.)