Lester Park Elementary (1918)

The 1918 Lester Park Elementary School. (Image: Duluth Public Library)

315 North 54th Avenue East | Architect: de Waard & Staudahar | Built: 1918 | Lost: 2011

Architect John de Waard, who helped Frederick German design the first Lester Park School, teamed up with Francis X. Staudahar to plan the school that would replace it just a few blocks away. Built of multi-colored bricks trimmed in stone, the rectangular 1918 Lester Park School stood three stories tall, capped with three parapets across the front; the middle parapet carried the school’s name. Tall twin pilasters framed its stone entrance.  In 1954 a wing was added to the school’s north side, but it featured none of the architectural details of the original building. In 2010 a new Lester Park School, the third of that name, was built as part of the Duluth School District’s Long Range Facilities Plan. The 1918 Lester Park School was demolished in 2011 for the new school’s recreational field.