Park Terrace

Park Terrace, date unknown. (Image: University of Minnesota Duluth Kathryn A. Martin Library Archives and Special Collections)

Park Terrace | 801 West 1st Street | Architects: Charles and Earl Barber | Built: 1890 | Lost: 1936

Poised on a rather steep hill on the northwest corner of Eighth Avenue North and West First Street, overlooking downtown Duluth and the harbor, Park Terrace was a grand example of a Victorian townhouse. Some of the units were two stories tall, others three, and residents had to climb a steep set of stairs to get to their homes.

The complex, which stood northwest of the present Duluth Bethel, was built by the Myers Brothers Company, a Duluth real estate business. Owners Benjamin, Henry, and Jacob Myers and their families all lived in Park Terrace until 1895. Jacob left Duluth for Texas and Benjamin moved to a house on London Road — and later to St. Paul — but Henry stayed in Duluth and worked in real estate and investments until he died in 1931. The Myers brothers were of Jewish descent, which they symbolized by mounting a large Star of David weather vane atop the building’s central tower. By 1935 Park Terrace sat vacant and had fallen into disrepair; it was demolished in 1936. The site is now overgrown with trees and bushes; the staircases and nearly all the foundations survive. The city has labeled the site “Myer’s Park.”