Spalding House

William W. & Electra Spalding House. (Image: Duluth Public Library)

504 West 2nd Street | Architect: McMillen & Radcliffe | Built: 1888 | Lost: 1908

Architects Charles M. McMillen and Edwin S. Radcliffe designed the Spalding’s grand Queen Anne home with a corner tower, shingle-covered gables, tall patterned brick chimneys, and a veranda. Construction of the house cost the Spaldings about $15,000, over $350,000 in today’s dollars. The house was dismantled in 1908 to make way for the St. Louis County Courthouse and reconstructed at 2319 Woodland Avenue as the Amos L. & Harriet Warner House, aka The Birches. William Spalding was the president of the Spalding Hotel.