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The Historic Duluth Harbor

Duluth’s Historic Outer Harbor (1856–1886)

Uncle Harvey’s Mausoleum (Gravel Hopper Ruins)

Arrowhead Bridge

Interstate Bridge

Duluth’s Coal Docks

The DM&N Ore Docks (“Duluth Ore Docks”)

Huron Portland Cement Terminal

The Duluth Ship Canal

History of the Duluth Ship Canal (1870 –1902)

Canal Lawsuits & Dike Debacle (1871 –1877)

Crossing the Canal Before the Bridge (1871–1905)

Canal Ferry Service

North Pier Lighthouse

South Breakwater Light

Rear Range Light

The Foghorn Saga

Duluth’s Aerial Bridge

Early Canal Bridge Ideas

The Aerial Transfer Bridge Inspiration

Building the Aerial Transfer Bridge

The Aerial Transfer Bridge Opens

How Duluth’s Aerial Transfer Bridge worked

Life of the Aerial Transfer Bridge (1905–1929)

Replacing the Aerial Transfer Bridge

The Transfer Bridge becomes a Lift Bridge

How Duluth’s Aerial Lift Bridge works

The Aerial Lift Bridge’s first 75 Years (1930 – 2005)

Aerial Lift Bridge Operators

Historic Vessels

Tall Ships on Lake Superior (1734–1934)

Steamer America

Historic Harbor Tug Boats

St. Louis River Excursion Boats

Anchor Line Passenger Steamers

Canadian Line Passenger Steamers

Great Lakes Freighters & Ore Boats