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Picture Duluth

Photographs of the Zenith City

Photos by Dennis O’Hara | Text by Tony Dierckins




Picture Duluth through the lens of Dennis O’Hara and you’ll discover the Zenith City offers a lot more than snowstorms and seagulls. Through over 200 stunning images, Duluth, Minnesota, native Dennis O’Hara takes you on a tour of his hometown from east to west—in all seasons, lighting, and weather—capturing both its natural and man-made beauty: its parks, landmarks, historic buildings and homes, and the working waterfront of the world’s most inland seaport.

Praise for this book:

“Ice and light, waves and wildlife, bridges and boats.... With an artist’s eye, Dennis O’Hara has captured the essence of Duluth. I look at these remarkable images, and I think, ‘Yes. This is why I live here.’”

— Sam Cook, Duluth News-Tribune

“Denny O’Hara is committed to leading us on a pictorial journey through this glorious city. Within his photography is a love for Duluth and its all-encompassing, four-season beauty.”

— Photographer Jay Steinke, from his introductions

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