Duluth High School

April's Lost Landmark

Originally published April, 2015
The 1886 Duluth High School. (Image: Duluth Public Library)

Although students graduated from high school in Duluth as early as 1879 (Duluth’s first two graduates were girls), the first building specifically constructed for use as a high school went up in 1886 and opened in January 1887 on the southeast corner of First Avenue East and Third Street. Prior to that, high school students were taught among elementary students in a wooden schoolhouse at the southeast corner of Lake Avenue and Third Street. it was torn down in 1976. Read a much more complete history of this lost landmark here.

April's Lost Landmark

5 Responses to Duluth High School

  1. By the time I spent many a night in the 1960s covering Board of Education meetings in that building, it had been drastically altered. No tower for sure. They must have lopped the top off when they converted it to offices. The windows of the board meeting room can be seen to the left of the entrance on the first floor in this photo.

  2. When you talk about skating from Two Harbors. I knew a guy by the name of Snapper Stein (once a trainer at U of M) and he told me they did that all the time…

  3. Gosh, What a magnificent looking building for a “todays cost” of $750,000! It seems apparent to me that it would now cost considerably more than that at today’s costs. The craftsmanship put forth in the late 1800’s is so much to be envied, compared to some of the just square block buildings we see being constructed now.

  4. Thanks for sharing this, Tom! I love when our readers connect our pieces with memories and family stories.

  5. My grandfather, Bert Wheeler, went to high school here, then graduating from Hamline in 1894. My father told me Bert would occasionally skate to high school from his home in Oneota via the frozen St. Louis river and walk up the hill. I was also told Bert had skated to Two Harbors, which seems to stretch credulity.

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