Duluth’s Darkest Day

Remembering the 1920 lynchings and their aftermath

NT_LynchingsToday marks the 96th anniversary of the lynching of Elmer Jackson, Elias Clayton, and Isaac McGhie on a downtown Duluth street corner. You can learn more about this tragic incident by clicking the following links:

Duluth’s 1920 Lynchings 

Heidi Bakk-Hansen’s original June, 2000, article that originally appeared in the now defunct Ripsaw; the article set in motion a movement that resulted in Duluth’s Clayton-Jackson-McGhie Memorial.

If We Must Die 

Heidi Bakk-Hansen’s June, 2015, article for Zenith City Online that traces the lives of those who were accused of (and three ultimately lynched of) the alleged rape of an 18-year-old white girl that never actually happened.

Complete 1920 DNT coverage of the 1920 Lynchings

An archive of every article published by the Duluth News Tribune in 1920 concerning the lynchings and subsequent trials of both those black circus workers accused of the imaginary rape and a few white Duluthians who attacked police headquarters, abducted innocent men, and hung them from a light pole.

The Lynching of Oli Kinkkonen 

The often-overlooked story of Oli Kinkkonen, a Finnish pacifist who was tarred, feathered, and lynched in Lester Park in 1918 because he allegedly did not want to fight in the war in Europek known today as World War I.

Remembering the 1920 lynchings and their aftermath

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