Duluth’s first First Presbyterian Church

August's Lost Landmark

Image; Duluth Public Library
Image: Duluth Public Library

August’s lost landmark brings us all the way back to 1870 and the “northwest” corner of Second Avenue East and Second Street, where Duluth’s pioneer Presbyterians built Duluth’s first Presbyterian church, aptly named First Presbyterian. (Note the architectural whimsy of the “face” with eyes, nose, and mouth made of windows on the bell tower.) The first First Presbyterian served its congregation until 1891, when they built a new brownstone Richardsionian Romanesque masterpiece, designed by Traphagen & Fitzpatrick, on the opposite corner of the same intersection. The second First Presbyterian still stands, but the first came down in 1971. Read more about about the first First Presbyterian here and the second First Presbyterian here.

August's Lost Landmark

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