From Historic House to Parking Lot

October's Past & Present Pic


Jim Davis’s Past & Present Pic for October takes us way back to 1856, when Robert Jefferson—one of the founders of Duluth Township—built himself a home that doubled as a boarding house at 430 Lake Avenue South. Jefferson left Duluth Township to serve in the Civil War, but died before seeing any action. His house stood until about 1920 and served as the first home of the St. Louis County District Court and Duluth’s first newspaper, the Minnesotian. After 1920 the house’s location was part of a scrap metal yard and is now part of the Canal Park Business District’s largest parking lot. Read more about the Jefferson House here. Read more about Robert Jefferson and his brother, Ernest, for whom Duluth’s Jefferson Street is named, here.

October's Past & Present Pic

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  1. Bonnie, we are at work on a book called Duluth’s Grand Old Buildings, due out in a couple years. Meanwhile, each month I write about a grand old building. Just search for the term using our search function found at the upper-right-hand corner of every page.

  2. Thank you for your articles. I am enjoying them. I also purchased your “Lost Duluth” book.
    I wondered if there is also a “Found Duluth” book about historic structures still standing. I was
    back there recently and saw my old homes as well as Lakeside Elementary, the Pickwick and
    LEif Erikson Park.


    Bonnie Paull

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