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May's Past & Present Photo


This month’s Past & Present photo takes back about 100 years to the “northwest” corner of 5th Avenue West and Superior Street, where the Holland Hotel stood from 1910 until 1965, when it came down with dozens of buildings that fell victim to Duluth’s Gateway Renewall Project. The lot sat empty for five years until the Radisson Hotel was built on the site. You can read more about the Holland House here. Thanks to the Ordean foundation for permission to shoot this photo from the 5th floor of the Ordean Building.

May's Past & Present Photo

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  1. Many years ago my uncle Tony Radosevich (Mesaba ave across from the Bethel) told me that there was a tunnel running diagionally from the Holland Hotel to the Hotel Duluth that he went through many times. I discounted the story because IT IS SOLID ROCK in that area and nobody would build a passageway under the street. But I was wrong, I noticed it in the paper when a common management existed.

  2. The Lincoln Hotel across from the government building was featured in a Past & Present column a couple months back.

  3. I recall that word came from the demolition firm razing the Holland in 1965 that it was a difficult project because the hotel was so sturdily built with concrete. Also, I covered for the newspaper the groundbreaking for the Radisson. Radisson and Green Stamp tycoon Curt Carlson was here for the occasion and instead of using shovels and posing for pictures, he pushed the lever on a dynamite igniting box, causing a small explosion elsewhere on the property. Finally, the hotel Jim is wondering about would have been the Lincoln, directly across the street from the Government Services Center. The center did, however, replace the old YMCA building, which served also as a hotel of sorts for transients.

  4. When sitting around the conference table, when the question gets asked “what’s our next book project at ZCP”? The answer may be then and now.

  5. Note Duluth’s iconic Italian stone church as seen in the upper left of both photos.
    It stands proud, past and present and hopefully, we will see it in architectural photographs in our future.

  6. Thank you for another interesting article. Wasn’t there a hotel at the location of the current government services on 2nd Street?

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