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How Duluth became “Duluth”

Clarence Rosenkranz’s depiction of Daniel Greysolon Sieur du Lhut landing at Onigamiinsing (“Little Portage”) on Minnesota Point in 1679, which originally hung on the Greysolon Tea Rooms of Duluth’s Glass Block Store. (Image: Duluth Public Library)

Have you ever wondered how Duluth became “Duluth,” the anglicized version of the name of an ambitious and often arrogant 17th-century French soldier?

You can find out by reading the article “How Duluth became ‘Duluth’” by Zenith City’s Tony Dierckins, which appeared in the Duluth News Tribune yesterday, Sunday January 12.

And when you’re done, if you want to discover more about Duluth’s namesake, read a biography of him here and find out just who the heck “Jean” Duluth was (or wasn’t) here.


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  2. […] “How Duluth became ‘Duluth’” […]

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