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Joshua B. Culver: Duluth’s first mayor and leader of ‘The Ring’

When Duluth first became a city in 1870, its citizens elected as their mayor Josua B. Culver, founder of the 1856 town of Duluth and Civil War veteran, who ran a sawmill off Morse Street on the bay side of Minnesota Point. Culver was also the unofficial leader of unofficial group newspaper editor Thomas Foster called “The Ring”—in fact Foster warned Duluthians that if they elected Culver and his cronies, the group would unfairly run the Zenith City for their own benefit.

What caused the rift between Culver’s friends and the man who first called Duluth the ”Zenith City of the Unsalted Seas”? Find out in ZCP publisher Tony Dierckins’s fifth of eight installments on Duluth’s early history for the Duluth News Tribune, “Joshua B. Culver: Duluth’s first mayor and leader of ‘The Ring,” here.

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Happy 150th Birthday, City of Duluth!

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