How Lincoln School has changed

This Month's Past & Present Pic

Originally published June, 2014.
Top Image: Duluth Public Library | Bottom Image: Jim Davis.

Jim Davis’s Past & Present Pic for June shows us just how much a building can change over the years. The 1889 Lincoln Elementary School has undergone many renovations and additions over the years, and is due for more: new owners Sherman & Associates are converting the building’s classrooms into low-income housing units. Read more about the school here and Jim Heffernan’s memories of it here.

This Month's Past & Present Pic

4 Responses to How Lincoln School has changed

  1. The first picture was Jefferson School where I attended the first time before Lincoln Elementary School two years later or so….

  2. I always enjoy seeing pictures of my old elementary school. You do wonder, though, what architects and school officials of that era could have been thinking when they put towers on those old schools. I spent five years there as a student and never got near the tower.

  3. Hopefully Scherman and Associates can bring back some of the original architectural look to this former great looking schol facility building.I rather doubt that could be possible since some uneducated incompetent individuals destroyed the original structure and look many years ago! The current building looks like a mausoleum compared to the original school! No wonder people must think it an eyesore now! There are more pleasing facades on cemetery tombs then this current Lincoln Elementary School has.

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