Lost Landmark: The Manhattan Block

This Month's Lost Landmark Photo

Originally Published May 2014
Duluth’s 1889 Manhattan Building. (Image: Duluth Public Library)

Our Lost Landmark for May is the Manhattan Block, built in 1889 at 410–416 West Superior Street. It was often referred to as the Chamber of Commerce building, as that organization was its main tenant for many years. Architect Henry Raeder designed this architecturally intricate building that served Duluth until 1941. Read much more about the Manhattan Block here, in the Zenith City History archives.

This Month's Lost Landmark Photo

4 Responses to Lost Landmark: The Manhattan Block

  1. I love the history you share but it makes me sad to think of all the beautiful buildings we have lost to “progress”. Keep you the good work and the “time machine” idea would be wonderful.

  2. If only we could travel back in time, this is one of Duluth’s lost buildings I would love to tour in person. Tony, are you still working on that time machine?

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