The Matthew B. & Lucy Harrison House

This Month's Lost Landmark Photo

Originally Published June 2014
Image: Duluth Public Library

Matthew Bland and Lucy Harrison had Oliver Traphagen design their 1889 house at 2605 Greysolon Avenue. It stood until 1935 and was once the home of Albert & Julia Marshall, for whom UMD’s Marshall Performing Arts Center is named. That’s likely Lucy in the photo with one of her children—and a feeding fawn (you have to look close…) Near the bottom left of the house you can also make out a male figure, likely Matthew. Read more about the house, and the Harrisons, here, in an excerpt from the book Lost Duluth found in the Zenith City Archives‘ “Duluth Architecture” category.

This Month's Lost Landmark Photo

3 Responses to The Matthew B. & Lucy Harrison House

  1. I knew Ms. Harriet Harrison at UMD in the 1952-55 period. She was
    employed there working with Ed Wenzel. I have wondered if she was from this same Harrison family. As I recall, she was a native Duluthian and when I knew her she was about 55 years old.

  2. Kathleen: Good point, but I respectfully disagree. Photography was vert expensive back then, and only professionals owned cameras, so I doubt the harrisons would have spent that kind of money to have the nanny and gardener—and not themselves—photographed.

  3. I’d be more inclined to think that is the child’s nanny and the man is a gardener. Being photographed in shirt sleeves or in an apron seems unlikely for the head of the household and his wife, given the time period.

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