October’s Past & Present Pic

Top Image: University of Minnesota Duluth Kathryn A. Martin Library Archives and Special Collections | Bottom Image: Jim Davis

This month photographer Jim Davis takes us to the southeast corner of Central Avenue and Ramsey Street and all the way back to 1910, when the Phillips Hotel at 332 Central Avenue was renamed the Cody Hotel by new owner Daniel Fitzpatrick, who wanted to cash in on the fact that Buffalo Bill Cody’s sister Helen Wetmore, was a resident of West Duluth. The Phillips first opened in 1888, and the building came down in 1973. Read more about the Phillips/Cody Hotel here.

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  1. Hubby’s greatgrandparent’s were friends of Cody’s sister and husband. We think the association was because great grandpa was a doctor and they connected with the sanitarium. Grandma remembers sitting in Bill’s lap when he was visiting. Also the family had in its possession an oval base covered with buffalo hide and nailed on were 8 buffalo horns. It was a coat hanger. It stayed in the family until 2011 when it went in the household auction. It was a gift from Wild Bill.

  2. In the 1950s one of the storefronts in the Cody Hotel housed a popular eatery called the Pekin Cafe. It was a general cuisine restaurant, not strictly Asian as the name might imply.

  3. I always heard that Buffalo Bill Cody came often to Duluth to
    see a girl friend there. Maybe he saw her and his sister as well.

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