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Only 12 copies of Denny Anderson’s memoir, “Good Night, Everybody…and Be Kind” left in stock!

As noted on December 1, Denny Anderson first hit the airwaves via Hibbing’s WHLB Radio in December 1961 and he is still going strong, cohosting “Almanac North” on WDSE-TV. That’s 57 years

But we have only 12 copies (update—just five copies left!) of his memoir, Good Night, Everybody…and be Kind, left in stock—and now until January 1 they are on sale for just $6.43! That’s a 57 percent discount—one percent off for each year of Denny’s career!

It’s a great book, in which Anderson recalls important moments in both his work and personal life, focusing on his nearly 60-year career in broadcast journalism that earned him the nickname “The Voice of the Northland.”

Did you know:

  • Denny started as a radio man at Virginia’s WHLB Radio when he was still in high school?
  • Denny broke the news of President Kennedy’s assassination to the Northland?
  • Denny’s intrepid reporting led to a landmark 1971 federal court decision after Duluth police confiscated his camera?
  • Denny was the first journalist to report the sinking of the Edmund Fitgerald?
  • Denny used to own and pilot his own airplane?
  • Denny was ordained a Catholic deacon?
  • Denny has worked a funeral director?
  • Denny was fitted for his first toupee on live TV?

In Goodnight, Denny recalls those moments and more, including his interviews of celebrities and politicians and other events that have shook the Northland such as the Glensheen and Dale Race murders, the Wellstone plane crash, and much, much more.

You can review and purchase one of the 12 remaining copies here. And in the meantime, enjoy a few selections from the 50 photos that accompany the book:

Denny, serenading friends at age 11. (Image: Dennis Anderson)

Denny’s friend Gloria (r) brings him lunch as he pole sits to win a 25¢ bet with his pal Puttsy (l). (Image: Dennis Anderson)

Denny behind the mic at WHLB-Radio in Virginia, Minnesota, 1965. (Image: Dennis Anderson)

Denny with WDIO weathercaster Ken Chapin, 1978. (Image: Dennis Anderson)

Denny with retired weathercaster Jack McKenna, 2004. (Image: Dennis Anderson)

Denny with ABC World News Tonight anchor Peter Jennings, 2002. (Image: Dennis Anderson)

Denny with polka legend Lawrence Welk, 1978. (Image: Dennis Anderson)

Denny and his bride Judy celebrating their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary in Hawaii in 1991, serenaded by Charo. (Image: Dennis Anderson)

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