Duluth’s First Post Office

This Month's Past & Present Pic

Originally Published May 2014
Today the Amendola Building (bottom) stands on the site of the 1857 Duluth Township post office. (2014 Image: Jim Davis | 1895 Image: Duluth Public Library)

For May Jim Davis takes us to 409 East Superior Street—and all the way back to 1857, when a building was erected on the site to serve as the first Post Office of Duluth Township, which became the city of Duluth’s first post office in 1870 (In 1856, the first post office in what would later become the city of Duluth was erected in Oneota Township). The building, which also served as Duluth Township Council’s first meeting place, stood until 1936; today, the address belongs to the Amendola Building. Read more about Duluth’s first post office—and discover the identity of the man in the 1895 photograph above—here.

This Month's Past & Present Pic

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