The 1884 J. D. & Rose Ensign House

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Top photo: Duluth Public Library; bottom Photo: Jim Davis.

Duluth’s much-beloved pioneer attorney and district court judge Josiah D. Ensign and his wife Rose built a grand Victorian Mansion shown at top in 1884 in the heart of the neighborhood then-called Ashtabula Heights for the unusually high number of residents who, like the Ensigns, came to Duluth by way of Ashtabula, Ohio. Today Ashtabula Heights has almost all been swallowed by the Essentia Campus. The Ensign House, as you can see at bottom, was replaced in 1933 for the Miller Memorial Hospital, later Miller-Dwan Medical Center, and part of  Essentia today. Read more about Josiah Ensign and his home in the Zenith City History Archive. Catch up on past Past & Present Pics here.

This Month's Past & Present Pic

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  1. Progress, progress. It really is a shame that so many beautiful homes have been razed. Another is the Hartley home razed for a parking lot.

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