Past & Present Pic: “Old Main”

This story first posted September 17, 2013


Duluth’s Old Main began its life in 1902 as the Duluth Normal School. It later became the Duluth Teacher’s College and then the University of Minnesota Duluth. UMD’s upper campus was developed in the 1950s. Old Main served as the campus theater and held some offices as well. It closed in 1985 and was destroyed in an arson fire in 1993. Read a more complete history of Old Main here.

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  1. I was pleased to receive the pictures and info about “The Old Main, UMD. I graduated from Duluth Central in 1947 and attended UMD on its first year. Dr Woods was the provost but, he was also my East Jr High school Principal when I attended East Jr 1942-43-44.

    My older brother, Gerald (Jerry) Singer, bought the old girls dorm at the former Duluth State Teachers College and remodeled the building into apartments. He was in the process of buying the “Old Main” when it was destroyed by fire. He intended to remodel the old building into apartments.

    Both myself and Jerry, attended the old Normal School. Several years ago, when we visited UMD, I was given a brick from the old Normal School Building.

    Our family has been and continues to be involved with UMD via
    scholarships and the donation of the Rehearsal Room in the Webber Music Building, in memory of our parents and a diorama
    with artifacts that Dr Rip Rapp brought back from the Holy Land,in memory of my father. My wife and I proudly continue our relationship with UMD and also with Florida Atlantic University here in Boca Raton, Florida

  2. UMD’s radio station, KUMD-FM, began in the basement of Old Main. Those of us who did “on – air” gigs in 1959-61, thought it was a big deal to
    be located in Old Main. What a great place to start a lifelong jounalism career.

  3. I always thought this area would make a nice outdoor sculpture garden, with some functional but well designed play/sports equipment placed in the mix.

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