The William & Amanda Sherwood House

This Month's Past & Present Pic

This month’s Past and Present Pic takes us to the northeast corner of 12th Avenue East and Superior Street, where in 1886 William C. Sherwood and his wife Amanda built a house at 1125 East Superior designed by Oliver Traphagen. This Second-Empire–style house also featured Queen Anne characteristics and stood until 1956. Since the the lot on which the house stood has been home to a gas station, pizza place, office building, and now a portion of the parking lot for Walgreens. Read more about the house here. Catch up on all of Jim Davis’s Past & Present Pic’s here.

This Month's Past & Present Pic

5 Responses to The William & Amanda Sherwood House

  1. I think you have a typo in the article. 1125 E Superior does not equal northeast corner of 12AveE and Superior.

  2. I enjoy doing these Past & Present pieces for any reasons. Mostly because it shows the evolution of our city. Even though it has taken some beautiful homes, churches, schools and more. It’s still intriguing to see the changes.

  3. while I love getting these Past and Present images, it never ceases to depress me! After just watching a documentary on the rise and fall (and destruction) of Penn Station in NYC, this becomes even more sad. But, as much as I’d not like to admit it, I’ve shopped at that walgreens many many times 🙂

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