The Roger & Olive Munger House

This month's Lost Landmark

Originally published December 2014
The 1870 Roger and Olive Munger House, photographed in 1887 for the book Illustrated Duluth. (Image: Duluth Public Library)

This month’s lost landmark stood in Duluth from 1870 until 1955 at 405–407 Mesaba Avenue. This Italianate house was home to Roger and Olive Munger, who arrived in Duluth in 1868, joining thirteen other families that made up the entire population of Duluth Township. In 1891 Munger built Munger Terrace, a  grand townhouse, west of the house.  In 1955 the house was demolished to make room for a parking lot for the townhouse. The carriage house (right) still stands, but no longer has the ornamental architectural elements shown in the photo; it is now a single-family residence. If the gazebo in the foreground was still standing, it would be in the middle of Mesaba Avenue. You can discover much more about the house and the Mungers here.

This month's Lost Landmark

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  1. Believe it or not I actually played inside that house, turned apartment or rooming house. It would have been in the late forties or early fifties after all the “glory” had been removed from the outside….it was a very spooky house with a central hallway and doors to the apts on both sides…it was very dark and dingy perhaps with a 20 watt lightbulb to light the hallway…only did it a few times…the caretakers, the Frondens , who lived in the carriage house would come out and shoo us away….we lived up the hill across 5th street in the second house up…and in my memory of things said I think my dad said all of those houses were built in the early decade of the 1900s

  2. The Incline would be three blocks to the west. That is N 4th Ave West to the right of the picture, when it still connected to West 5th Street.

  3. Where is this in relation to the incline railroad which came later? There aren’t many homes on the hillside, so I’m assuming this is from early years of the home.

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