“Duluth’s Historic Parks” coming May 11

Thursday, May 11, 2017 at the Lake Superior Zoo Pavilion

Zenith City Press will release Duluth’s Historic Parks: Their First 160 Years one month form today on Thursday, May 11, at 7 p.m. at the Lake Superior Zoo Pavilion in Fairmount Park. The book is the result of twelve years of research, writing, and image collecting. Mayor Emily Larson will be on hand to introduce authors Nancy S. Nelson and Tony Dierckins, who will each give brief presentations about and from the book, followed by a book signing. Zenith City Press is offering two editions of the book, a softcover for $24.95 and a limited-edition (fewer than 50 for sale) hardcover for $39.95.

Here’s a description of the book:

Duluth, Minnesota: A City of Parks

Duluth’s unparalleled park system consists of about 170 properties and roadways encompassing approximately 12,000 acres—that’s roughly 25 percent of the entire city dedicated to public parks and open spaces. From 1856, when pioneer townships first platted public squares, through 1956, when the Zenith City changed its form of government, Duluth’s Historic Parks explores how pioneers, politicians, and a generous and energetic public worked together and independently to create one of the most complete and complex park systems in the nation. It then continues the saga, explaining changes made to the parks over the past sixty years and plans for their future, culminating in a unique history of Duluth seen through the creation and care of its parks. Illustrated with more than 300 historic sketches, lithographs, and photographs, Duluth’s Historic Parks covers the creation and development of Skyline Parkway—the backbone of the park system—and Duluth’s major historic parks: Lincoln Park, Chester Park, Lester Park, Fairmount Park, Leif Erikson Park, Congdon Park, Kitchi Gammi Park, Enger Park, Chambers Grove, Fond du Lac Park, Magney-Snively Park, and Hartley Park. The book also features the parks of Minnesota Point as well as the Zenith City’s smaller parks, undeveloped parks, parkways, playgrounds, public sports venues, and other facilities.


“Duluth’s Historic Parks captures the vision, energy, and generosity of early leaders who championed our parks—and the historic images are priceless.”

— Sam Cook, Duluth News Tribune

Thursday, May 11, 2017 at the Lake Superior Zoo Pavilion

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