September Ghost Sign: C.C.C. Cigar Co.

This Month's "Ghost Pic"

This story originally posted September 25, 2013


The C.C.C. Cigar Co., the headquarters of the C.C.C. Canteen Service, was owned by Ole Haugsrud, a Superior native and owner of the storied Duluth Eskimos of the early NFL. Haugsrud’s C.C.C.C.S. ran camp stores operated by out-of-work athletes that supplied tobacco products, candy, soda, and other treats to Civilian Conservation Corps camps throughout the Arrowhead. While the government program ended in 1942, Haugsrud was able to operate the business in Duluth until 1965 before selling out to Twin Ports Wholesale Grocers. “Uncle Ole” Haugsrud also owned the nearby Rosmar Apartments along Second Avenue East. When he sold the Eskimo franchise in 1928, Haugsrud didn’t get much money, but did get a much more important piece of paper: a signed letter by the NFL promising Haugrsud that if the league ever returned to Minnesota, he would be given a chance to buy in. He cashed that in in 1960 when he became part owner of Minnesota’s new franchise. The team would be called the Vikings and their colors would be purple and gold, the same as Superior High School, Haugsrud’s alma mater.


This Month's "Ghost Pic"

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  1. Great work exploring and presenting “faded” history! Documenting these signs is such a gift to the future.

    Ghost signs are naturally an important part of any aged city’s aesthetic, and as you demonstrate, can lead to wonderful stories.

    How we treat these signs should be part of any discussion in renovation and demolition of our buildings.

    Peter Spooner

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