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“We Made it Good…You Made It Famous”—Superior Brewing History on Sunday, January 27

An 1859 advertisement for the brewery of Louis Kicchli, Superior, Wisconsin’s first brewer. (Image: Zenith City Press)

Zenith City Press publisher Tony Dierckins will present “We Made it Good…You Made It Famous: The History of Beer Brewing in Superior, Wisconsin” on Sunday, January 27 at 2 p.m. at the Douglas County Historical Society, 1101 John Ave., Superior.

The event is part of the DCHS’s “History Sundays” series, and they’ll have plenty of beer available during the program from Earth Rider brewing, the event’s co-sponsor and Superior’s newest brewery. Admission is free to DCHS members and $2 at the door for non-members.

Dierckins will trace the struggles of Superior’s pioneer brewers as they navigated the booms and bust of the 1860s and 70s, the rise of Superior in the 1890s—when it boasted more breweries than Duluth and became the second-largest city in Wisconsin—and the creation of Superior’s Northern Brewing Company.

He’ll then follow Northern’s history as it competed with three breweries across the bay in Duluth, struggled to survive Prohibition, and gained a reputation as a quality regional beer, only to ultimately succumb to the economic realities of the post World War II brewing industry. The story completes itself as Dierckins explains how Thirsty Pagan and Earth Rider brought commercial brewing back to Superior decades later.

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