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This Day in Duluth Archive

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November 12, 1928: Dedication of Duluth City Hall

On this Day in Duluth in 1928, thousands gathered to dedicate the city’s brand new city Hall. City Hall’s dedication was held in conjunction with Armistice Day observations, so the ceremony began with a parade, led by the Naval Reserve Band, that began at Third Avenue East and Superior Street and led to the new…

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November 9, 1914; Six men trapped in Sibley Mine near Ely

On this day on the Mesabi Iron Range near Ely, six miners were trapped when timbers of the Sibley underground mine gave way and the tunnel collapsed. The miners included Gideon Oinonnen, Fred Antonsinch, Frank Antonsinch, George Floridan, John Homer, and Joe Scufska. Two men, brothers Joseph and John Liebe, managed to escape but Joseph…

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November 7, 1894: Village of Proctorknott established

On this day in Duluth in 1894, the village of Proctorknott—which surrounded the new Duluth, Missable & Northern Railroad’s rail yards—was established. The town is named for J. Proctor Knott, a legislator and (later) governor of Kentucky who in 1871 made the famous congressional speech, “The Untold Delights of Duluth,” which mocked the Zenith City.…

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November 5, 1915: Officials consider mining the Duluth-Superior Harbor

On this day in Duluth in 1915, officials considered laying explosive mines in the Duluth-Superior harbor as defense against hostile attacks. The United States was facing increased pressure to join the European allies in their fight against Germany, and politicians were beating the war drums throughout the country. Communities were preparing themselves, and as the…

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