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November 2, 1914: Reports of UFO sightings over Duluth

On this day in Duluth in 1914, the Duluth News Tribune reported that several people in New Duluth had seen mysterious lights in the sky similar to those seen earlier that autumn in Chisholm. Helmer Nelson and Fred Sequist told the newspaper that while they were on their way home from a dance in Fond du Lac they noticed “a remarkable light in the northern sky.” It was 12:30 a.m. when they first noticed the light, which Sequist described as “brilliant and [it] ran horizontally across the sky. It was too bright for the northern lights and, besides, it appeared to sink down in the heavens until it reached the horizon. It grew larger but lost its brilliance as it went down, and took on a purplish tinge.” They watched for half an hour before it disappeared. At the same time people returning from a social at Zion Lutheran Church in the West End saw the same strange light that “took the shape of a long bar” and later “changed…to a circle.” They also thought they saw smoke or fumes coming from both the top and bottom of the celestial phenomenon.