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April 9, 1889: Duluth organizes its first Board of Park Commissioners

On this day in Duluth in1889, the city organized its first Board of Park Commissioners. In March State Legislature had approved “An Act Providing for a System of Public Grounds for the City of Duluth.” This legislation created the board and gave it broad powers to acquire land, make improvements, and adopt regulations to guide…

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April 6, 1913: Headlines declare “Teachers Must Stop Flogging!”

On this day in Duluth in 1913, a headline in the Duluth News Tribune shouted “teachers must stop flogging students.” It ran over an article explaining that school superintendent Robert Denfeld said he would no longer tolerate rough discipline in schools. Denfeld declared, “We try to treat the children of the Duluth public schools like human…

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April 4, 1916: Lumberjack walks under ladder, bad luck ensues

On this day in Duluth in 1916, a man walked beneath a ladder and bad luck immediately came his way. Here’s how the Duluth News Tribune reported it over one hundred years ago: “Nels Christiansen, a lumberjack, is not necessarily superstitious, at least he says so, but since yesterday afternoon he has developed an antipathy to…

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April 3, 1917: Clarence R. Magney elected mayor of Duluth

On this day in Duluth in 1917, attorney Clarence Magney was elected mayor. Magney was born the son of Swedish immigrants in Trenton, Wisconsin. He came to Duluth in 1908 after finishing Harvard law school and was quickly recognized for his sharp legal mind, which propelled him into the mayor’s office as the U.S. entered…

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March 31: 2005: Aerial Bridge Boss Steve Douville’s last lift

On this day in Duluth in 2005, long-time Duluth Lift Bridge Supervisor Steve Douville lifted the bridge for the last time. By then, Douville had likely lifted the bridge at least 150,000 times, but the bridge got the last laugh on Douville: the man who likely “bridged” millions of drivers was himself bridged on his way…

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