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February 10, 1917: Birth of Superior siren Dorothy Blaine

On this day across the bay in 1917, Dorothy O’Kash—future club singer Dorothy Blaine—was born into a rough-and-tumble family living in the rooms above the Blue Moon, her parents’ bar on North Third Street in Superior’s notorious waterfront district. According to biographer Judith Liebaert, “Dorothy’s only notoriety in Superior circles today is as the eccentric…

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February 6, 1994: Death of Duluth social activist Frances Skinner

On this day in Duluth in 1994, social activist Frances “Fran” Skinner died at seventy-six years of age. Skinner began her career in social work in the Twin Cities in 1941; ten years later, her work brought her to Duluth as the executive director of the International Institute. After a ten-year tenure, Skinner left the…

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February 5, 1934: Legal liquor sales return to Duluth

On this day in Duluth in 1934 at approximately six p.m., liquor was sold sold legally in Duluth for first time since 1917. While national Prohibition had ended December 5, 1933, Duluth had voted to go dry in 1917—prior to national Prohibition—and the Duluth law had to be repealed before the Zenith City could follow…

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February 3, 1892: Charles D’Autremont elected mayor of Duluth

On this day in Duluth in 1892, Charles D’Autremont was elected as mayor of the Zenith City. In 1892 he defeated fellow Democrat and incumbent M. J. Davis in the primary for Duluth’s mayoral race and faced Republican candidate Charles Long. The Republican-leaning Duluth News Tribune called for the Republican party to endorse Davis, saying…

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February 2, 1893: Birth of Duluth radio personality Gil Fawcett

On this day in Duluth in 1893, future Duluth radio personality Gil Fawcett was born right here in the Zenith City. His father Hugh Fawcett was a prominent local contractor, whose building’s include the 1902 Duluth Public Library. According to biographer David Ouse, Gilbert Fawcett moved to Los Angeles in 1914 to take a job as the private…

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February 1, 1950: Sidney Buchman Day in Duluth 

This day in Duluth in 1951 was named Sidney Buchman Day in honor of—who else?—Duluth-native Sidney Buchman, a Hollywood screen writer and later executive at Columbia Pictures. According to biographer David Ouse, Buchman’s first job in Hollywood was working on Cecil B. DeMille’s Sign of the Cross (1932) and he went on to write nearly 40…

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