Twin Ports Dairy Watertower

This Month's Ghost Sign

Originally published July, 2014.
(Image: Dan Turner)

This month’s Ghost Sign by Dan Turner takes us across the bay to Superior, Wisconsin, and the water tower for the twin Ports Dairy Association. The TPDA was formed in 1916 and by 1920 had grown into an association of 276 diarymen in the Duluth-Superior area. In 1926 the organization’s name changed to Twin Ports Cooperative Dairy Association.  In 1938 the group opened an office in Duluth, but it was an apparently loose affiliation: that organization was led by another group of people who offered  different products. In 1975 the Twin Ports Cooperative Dairy Association became the Twin Ports Arrowhead Cooperative Association, but apparently that didn’t help the organization last: After 1977 It has not been listed in either the Duluth or Superior directories since 1977. .Catch up with past Ghost Sign photos here.

This Month's Ghost Sign

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  1. Beautiful pic. The clouds and the light make the tower look so picturesque.

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