William P. Allred Jr.

William P. Allred Jr., one of Duluth’s prominent architects, was a resident of the city since 1906.

He was born near Seymour, Iowa, September 1, 1879, and as a youth chose architecture as a profession. For a number of years he was employed at the carpenter’s trade and familiarized himself with every detail of the building industry. He also took the architectural course of the International Correspondence Schools at Scranton, and was awarded high honors in scholarship. His first professional connection apart from work at his trade was with the firm of Libby, Nourse & Rasmussen at Des Moines, Iowa. The head of this firm was the state architect of Iowa.

Subsequently he was with W. R. Parson & Son Company, Des Moines architects. A year later they put him in charge of their branch office at Duluth, that being in 1906, and he looked after the business of the company in the northwestern territory for about three years. January 1, 1909, Mr. Allred formed a partnership with Frank L.Young as Frank L. Young & Company, and during the next four years they planned and supervised the construction of many prominent buildings in Duluth and northern Minnesota. After that period Mr. Allred became sole owner of the company and has been in practice under his own name, and there is a large volume of work including the supervision of remodeling of the Lyceum Theater to prove and exemplify his taste, his talent and special technique. He is a member of the Duluth Architects’ Association, the. Kiwanis Club and the Commercial Club.


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