Bailey-William D

William D. Bailey

William D. Bailey. (Image: Duluth Public Library)

William D. Bailey, attorney at law, is a member of the firm of Washburn, Bailey & Mitchell, one of the leading law firms of Duluth, organized in 1904.

Mr. Bailey first came to Duluth in 1894, and at first was in the office of Towne & Harris, but soon became associated with J. L. Washburn, and in 1896 he formed a partnership with Messrs. Washburn and Lewis, and the firm name became Washburn, Lewis & Bailey. Four years later, in 1900, Mr. Lewis severed his connection with the firm to become a member of the supreme court of Minnesota, and it then continued as Washburn & Bailey. Mr. Oscar Mitchell became a member of the firm in 1904 and thus it still continues with a large and lucrative practice.

Mr. Bailey was born on April 3, 1868, in Grinnell, Iowa. He is the son of James F. and Cornelia (Doolittle) Bailey, both natives of New York state, but who came to Iowa in 1856. They educated their son, William, in the public and high schools of Grinnell, Iowa, and at the Grinnell College, from which he was graduated with the class of 1891 with the degree of A. B. Mr.

Bailey then entered the Yale Law School, from which he was graduated with the degree of LL. B. in the class of 1893.

In 1901, on June 12, he was united in marriage to Miss Ora Gridley, daughter of Col. E. C. Gridley.

Mr. Bailey is a member of the Kitchi Gammi Club, the Commercial Club of Duluth, and is also a member of the Boat and Country clubs, of Duluth.

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