Archibald T. Banning, JR

Archibald Banning, Jr. (Image:

Archibald T. Banning, a prominent local attorney served as secretary and counsel of the McDougall-Duluth Company and as assistant in the legal department of the Oliver Mining Company and later opened his private practice becoming personal attorney to Julius H. Barnes of Duluth. According to the family’s page, Banning was born in Mt. Vernon, New York on May 10, 1854, and died there December 10, 1965. He received his AB degree from Cornell University in 1904 and his LLB from George Washington University in 1908. He married Margaret Frances Culkin in Duluth, Minnesota, on October. 9, 1914; they divorced in 1929 because of his alcoholism. The Bannings had two children, Mary Margaret and Archibald Tanner III, who lived to adulthood, and two who died in infancy, William Culkin and Margaret Brigid.


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